A Quality assistance

A quality assistance

The ÉUB take particular care in assisting its authors throughout the entire editorial process, and to guarantee them a high-quality publication – both in terms of content and form. Upon reception of the final manuscript, we take charge of page setting and detailed proofreading in preparation of the proofs. This essential step is taken in a spirit of collaboration and confidence between the author and the publishing house.

Peer review

Peer review of all our titles

All the books we publish are reviewed by at least two experts.

Short release periods

Short release periods

Entrusting one's manuscript to the Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles means authors can count on a publication timeline adjusted to the realities of your research. On average, it takes 3 months between submission of the final manuscript and its effective publication.

As we seek to accommodate the needs of our authors to the best of our abilities, we are open to speed up the publication process if necessary.

Accessible price policy

An accessible pricing policy

As an academic publisher, we take great pride in making published knowledge available to all. Accordingly, we develop an accessible pricing model adjustable to each title’s target audience. A special price is hence devised for student-centered teaching manuals.

Different formats

Different formats

Since 2019, complementing the paper publishing format, we propose the ebook format (epub and mobi) for our new releases.

Open Access

Open access

Should you desire to distribute your research widely and freely, or if your funding agency requires open access publications, the ÉUB will gladly publish your work in open access and make it available on the main online publishing platforms.

National and international promotion

National and international promotion

Renowned distributors in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Canada represent the ÉUB among the main booksellers. They equally allow the buyer ease of access to any of our titles in case it does not feature on the shelves. In parallel, we target researches and research centres via brochures and specialist journals in close collaboration with our authors.


  • No manuscript submitted in its paper version shall be returned to the author.
  • We only publish academic titles.


Let us embark on this editorial journey together by sending us your submission form at along with an electronic version of your manuscript.